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The S board [ DIY Cupboard]

Well, Who builds cupboards these days? Why would you build a piece of furniture when you could buy it ready made. which would save you a lot of time and


Ever considered upgrading to SSD?? So, as it goes, I bought a new Laptop – The HP ENVY x360. But the thing is that it felt pretty slow considering it had 12gb

UPS Hack

We usually associate UPS with a computer. Sometimes they are used to connect other electronic peripherals like a 12v DC adapter or a mobile charger. Here my requirement was 1)

Windows Legacy to UEFI

What is UEFI? BIOS[Legacy] and UEFI are two firmware interfaces for computers which work as an interpreter between the operating system and the computer firmware. Both of these interfaces are


What is Ambight? It is just and extension of your display panel. More so of a mechanism to enhance the viewing experience. The concept has been around for a few

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