Ever considered upgrading to SSD??

So, as it goes, I bought a new Laptop – The HP ENVY x360. But the thing is that it felt pretty slow considering it had 12gb ram and an i5 chip under the hood. Then why shouldn’t it perform well?

The culprit – Hard Disk Drive. It was so slow, it made the whole experience crappy.

Its time for Upgrade. 1TB HDD is to be replaced by a 256GB SSD. (That’s all I could afford)

Did Some research and concluded “Samsung EVO series” as the best in the game. Went ahead and bought one. Here are some pictures of the swapping process

With the old HDD, it took around 23 seconds for booting whereas after SSD upgrade, systems boots under 9 seconds.

The advantages?
Faster boot.
Applications load faster
Less battery drainage as there is no moving parts.
Overall system feels snappier.


If you are not already using an SSD, consider upgrading to one. This could very well be the best upgrade your pc can get.



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