The S board [ DIY Cupboard]

Well, Who builds cupboards these days? Why would you build a piece of furniture when you could buy it ready made. which would save you a lot of time and effort and would have a better finish.


Okay, I did and just for the sake of it, these are the reasons.
1) I have the time.
2) I have the resources.
3) I’m an Engineer.
4) why not?

Let’s get into it.


1)MDF sheet.[Typically are of three types – LDF|MDF|HDF(LOW|MEDIUM|HIGH-Density Fibre)] MDF can be used
for most of the applications as they have very high load bearing capacity.
2)Power tools.[A Decent saw is enough]
3)Pencil and Scale for marking

Before I began, I drew a 3d image on tinkercad. This way we could visualize our imagination and could imagine how the finished project might look like.


1) Three planks of equal length are cut out from the sheet
2) The position of each plank are drawn on the wall and three screws per plank are drilled
3) Cutouts relative to the position of the screws are made on the plank.
4) A small lock is placed over the cutout as shown
5)Once all the planks are in place the two vertical support beams are placed.(Since they are hanged vertically, they can withstand more weight and
improves the overall weight bearing capacity of the structure
6) A simple paint coat is done and That completes the work. Yeeeay 🙂

The pictures seem to be pretty much self-explanatory.

If you are planning to do something similar, Good Luck Amigo!
DIY is always oddly satisfying.

Thanks for dropping by. Have a nice day.:)


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