UPS Hack

We usually associate UPS with a computer. Sometimes they are used to connect other electronic peripherals like a 12v DC adapter or a mobile charger.

Here my requirement was
1) USB connection that provides 5v(For Raspberry Pi)
2)A 12V DC outlet for a monitor.

If I was to go the conventional way of connecting these to the UPS, I would be using a 12V adapter for the 12V Supply and a mobile charger for the 5v USB connection.

This hack is useful in eliminating unnecessary voltage conversion.[Note that most of the UPSs in the world use a 12V 7Ah Battery.(And So it was in my case)]

So in our case, the UPS would have to convert the 12v DC to AC current.
Then both the devices would be converting that back to the desired DC level.
Since this wouldn’t be very efficient, we could take the 12v directly from the UPS and an additional 5v can be obtained using a simple circuit that can be found in most DIY stores.


opening the UPS Casing to get access to battery terminals and determine the output locations and where to place the switch




Now, turning on the switch will let supply to the 5v and 12v outlets.

This could be used to power any other DIY projects like led strips and electric motors. This way we can make maximum utilization of the available resources.

Thanks for stopping by.

This is the IC chip that I used.



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